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Testimonial 6
Approximately five years ago my husband injured his arm which caused serious injury to his neck and shoulder. Initially he consulted a surgeon who suggested he should return in three months if he was no better!
As he was in severe pain, he immediately decided to contact Alena who managed to see him that afternoon and treated him with acupuncture. The relief he felt was amazing and, after two or three more visits, his pain had totally gone and from then on he had the occasional 'maintenance' treatment.
Since then we, as a family, have always consulted Alena with any injuries or problems which may have been caused through wear and tear (older members of the family) or sporting injuries (younger members)!
She is, without doubt, our first 'port of call' and can almost always get us back on track quickly.
Jo and Tony Hall and Family, King's Lynn.
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Testimonial 7
I have known Alena for many years now and I have always found her to be
thoroughly professional in her approach to treating her patients. My
mother has a chronic condition (which should have seriously deteriorated
by now) but through Alena's dedication and hard work, my mother's health and thus her quality of life has improved beyond measure. Indeed her Consultant marvels at how well she is as a result of Alena's treatment.
Alena is always realistic in her assessment of the condition and she will tell you honestly whether or not she can treat or improve whatever medical condition you have. Alena has treated me for various problems over the last four years - including helping to heal my broken ankle. Alena is our family's first port of call before the doctor. Acupuncutre is quick and painless and produces fantastic results in the right skilled hands. Alena has those skilled
hands. I thoroughly recommend her.
Elizabeth, Spalding, Lincolnshire
Testimonial 8

I consulted Alena for acupuncture treatment prior to and during two rounds of IVF treatment. I found the process very relaxing and calming, it gave me the opportunity to focus my energies and think positively about the whole experience. Both rounds resulted in successful pregnancy (although the first unfortunately turned out to be ectopic) and I am currently expecting a baby girl in less than a month's time. I would highly recommend Alena's services and would definitely use her again if I have to undertake further fertility treatment or for any other ailments that she is able to assist with.
Mrs Jones, Kings Lynn