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Testimonial 1
"I first consulted Alena eight years ago when I was experiencing constant chronic pain from Atypical Trigeminal Neuralgia. Her treatment afforded me much more pain relief than any heavy duty painkillers. I have a wayward thyroid gland, which reacts significantly to any trauma both physical and emotional, and visit Alena regularly to keep everything in balance. In fact, if I have any health problems, it is Alena I consult first before my Doctor, such is my confidence in her care and expertise in putting me back together."
Sue Banks, Age 64, King's Lynn,March 2010
Testimonial 3
"I've been treated by Alena since 2002. I visit Alena for stress and 'low energy' on a 6 weekly basis. Also she has treated me for bad back, bowel problems and recently arthritis. I've recommended Alena to many of my friends who have also found her acupuncture to deliver excellent results. I've used acupuncturists before Alena and really didn't think it worked, however I'm glad I tried one more because it does work. An extremely knowledgeable and professional lady, who knows her 'stuff'!! I would thoroughly recommend her to anyone ........Mrs V ~ Norfolk"
Testimonial 2
We had acupuncture recommended to us by our fertility clinic as a method to aid the whole IVF process. So, my wife gave it a go. After acupuncture my wife was always a lot calmer and more balanced than before. We both believe that the acupuncture process aided our succesful conception and ultimately the birth of our son. We will definitely use acupuncture again in the near future when we plan to try again. If nothing else, for the cost, it is worth the peace of mind that it brings.........Alex, Sue and Joe, King's Lynn
Testimonial 4
"We have been using Alena Chang as our Acupuncturist for several years now. She is our first recommendation to our clients, friends and family.We have used Alena ourselves on several occasions, for a variety of medical conditions and we would highly recommend her services as a Competent, Caring, and Professional Acupuncturist"....
................Alan and Barbara Smith (Sport and Remedial Massage Therapists and Tai Chi Instructors)
Testimonial 5
I have been a patient of Alena's for many years due to a chronic illness(PCKD). I have found Alena is realistic & honest towards the degree of health she can achieve for me, also Alena is extremely knowledgeable and skilled both with her acupuncture and herbal medicines she prescribes. I can recommend Alena with full confidence and without hesitation......Susan Seagrave from King's Lynn