After graduating from Hunan University in China, I became an assistant engineer working in environmental engineering. My interest in acupuncture followed personal experiences after very successful acupuncture treatments for severe facial pains. The excellent results of this ancient remedy for illness really fascinated me. In China treatment by acupuncture is usually performed in multi-bed wards in hospitals, which proved an outstanding opportunity for me to observe how other patients with different ailments got better just by the application of needles and herbal medicine. I decided to do some research about it and began to read many books concerning acupuncture, I even left my job to be able to work as a volunteer at a local acupuncture clinic in a hospital for about 5 months. This period of practical work experience convinced me that my future lay in helping ill people to get better by this method.

In 1995 I enrolled at Xiamen University in China for a three year acupuncture course, gaining valuable experience through internship with The No:174th Hospital of People's Liberation Army and Xiamen Hospital of TCM. Upon graduation, I immediately set up my first acupuncture clinic in King's Lynn, Norfolk and became a member of the British Acupuncture Council in 1998. In the year 2000 I again went to Xiamen University for further study in Chinese Herbal Medicine and In 2003 achieved my Bachelorís degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine. In recent years I have also received additional training at the College of Integrated Chinese Medicine, and became member of Register of Chinese Herbal Medicine in 2011.

I have now been running my acupuncture clinic successfully in King's Lynn for 14 years and have established a good reputation in the local area. Most people come to me by word of mouth, and I am often visited by patients referred to me by local GPs, physiotherapists, and other health practitioners.

Apart from general health problems (which I have described elsewhere in this website) my special interest is in muscular-skeletal problems and fertility issues.

As a mother of two, I often have to juggle between family and work like most other women of the 21st century but I enjoy every moment as it brings a rewarding feeling of achievement.
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About myself
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